Nature Workshop

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In this book, Klaus Wagener presents the diversity of treasures provided by nature and the many ways they can be used to create a wide range of wonderful decorations.

Whether mossed branches and twigs, feathery grasses, attractive leaves or chestnuts and cones, it’s especially important to the renowned floral artist to show appealing and diversified creations based on handcrafting techniques. The book is a rich source of inspiration and it addresses not only professional florists but also ambitious amateur florists - everyone who appreciates the beauty of domestic flora. Klaus Wagener is a true child of nature. As the offspring of a florist family, he grew up with a passion for living in nature and working with all that nature has to offer. Even as a small child he was fascinated by the gnarled and earthy structure of roots, the variegated textures of stones and the huge diversity of leaves. This new book is the expression of his love for all things floral and a tribute to his special talent for creating with them.

It is a bilingual book: DE/ENG.