Opti-flor is an innovative company that focuses for the full 100% on cultivating top quality Phalaenopsis.

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Orchids from Opti-flor bring a lovely atmosphere and colour into millions of European households, offices and hotel lobbies. Their plants are often used at international events to give the venue an exclusive feel. Opti-flor’s collection consists of 29 different beauties, each unique in their own way. However, all orchids have one thing in common: they all have been grown and nurtured with the upmost passion and dedication. 


Creative Collection: Artistic and unique

Native Collection: Organic shapes, letting the stems grow in their own natural way

Royal Collection: Chic and grand

Select Collection: Exeptional combination of pure beauty and exclusive quality

Sense Collection: A beauty that excites all senses

Singolo Collection: The first single flower orchid


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