Promotion Alstroemeria

The promotion of the Alstroemeria is powered by a collective of breeders and suppliers from Royal FloraHolland. They focus on getting the attention of florists to use the Alstroemeria more often and in different ways.

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Alstroemeria is an easy and strong flower which consumers can enjoy for a long time. The flower is often used as a filler in mixed bouquets but can also shine as the main flower. Mix different varieties of Alstroemeria together for an abundant bunch. 

Freshly bought Alstroemerias haven't revealed their beauty yet. They will blossom once they're in a vase and become a lively bouquet. It's a bouquet that can be cherished for a long time, with colourful and lush flowers. Alstroemeria ENG website

With the frivolous campaign 'True beauty comes from within' the Promotion Alstroemeria wants to emphasize the surprising element of the Alstroemeria and encourage the florist to have them in their shop.