Online Floral Design course

Finally! An online Floral Design course which will teach you the basic techniques of floristry and inspires you at the same time!

This online education program is based on the books of renowned floral designer and creative director of Flower Factor, Pim van den Akker.

Level 1 will discuss all the basic techniques you need to master as a florist. Think about working with different types of bases and putting materials on a wire. Also, techniques like winding, piercing and folding will be discussed, which will elevate your floral design to a whole different level. Challenge yourself and let your creative mind run wild. Experiment and be inspired!

The videos and tutorials are amazing and give so much information away. I admit I learned many new tips. I really enjoyed this. It possibly proves that the program is not just for beginners, but also for any florist who wishes to learn and grow.

 Julie Pearson, UK-based floral designer and teacher.

We expect to launch level 2 of the online Floral Design program in autumn 2018. Some more intricate techniques will be discussed and the use of alternative tools and materials will be introduced. 

If you are interested to purchase this online course as a school, please contact us at