Klaus Wagener

Klaus Wagener is a German floral designer and owner and creative head of BLOOM's GmbH, publishing house and agency for floristry. He loves to work with unexpected materials, seeming to combine on a whim. His flower arrangements are always dazzling and inspirational. Klaus was born in 1958 in a family of florists. He became a German Champion in 1984 and the World Champion in 1985 in Detroit. It is interesting to note that until now no other German Florist achieved this title.

What is important to me?

Working with floral materials gives us, the florists access to nature, to experience the change of seasons, and ultimately the globalized world of plants creatively. It is a cycle of constantly reinventing itself as new.

It never gets boring.

Another fascinating point is the craft. It is to create a feeling of happiness by use of the hands. You can see the creation and be proud of a job well done. A good florist is comprehensive and creative. His creativity is not restricted to the flower and plant, but embraces all forms of design including spaces, situations and occasions of life. He has a good sense of form, proportion, but also the feeling, spirit, trends, traditions, values and preferences of others. It is also important to work with determination and moderation. A good designer is always consistent and clear with his work; therefore the art is in the right company.

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