About us

Founded by renowned Dutch floral designer Pim van den Akker, Flower Factor strives to share floral passion and knowledge. Aspects that the various segments in the flower industry have in abundance. It is Flower Factor’s objective to connect all the links (or 'factors') and help the entire flower industry bloom. We work closely with international floral designers and companies that are active in this beautiful industry.

Let's partner up and inspire florists and consumers to flower their lives with your products!

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An international stage 

Flower Factor is the place where all things floral come together: inspiration, storytelling, education and branding. We promote the high-quality products and services of our partners, growers and wholesalers in such a manner that it is relevant for florists and consumers.

We feel there is still so much more that can be done with flowers and plants than what the trade and retail are presently focusing on. What about the story behind each product? A passionate story is best told together. That’s why we share inspirational stories of our partners, ‘How to make’ video tutorials, floral video specials, beautiful photos, tips and tricks for florists and floral news on a daily basis. Not only on our website, but on our Facebook pages, YouTube channel, Pinterest and Instagram accounts too.




What can Flower Factor do for you?

Flower Factor is more than just an online inspirational platform. We want to be a partner for growers, wholesalers and trade associations and work on effective marketing, online strategic advice, powerful film productions, offline events and more. 


Video productions & photography

Thanks to our creative and professional editors, we can offer high-quality film productions. We shoot inspirational and educational videos with internationally renowned floral designers like Pim van den Akker, David Ragg, Klaus Wagener and many others. They show how to make extraordinary floral designs and teach new skills. The flowers and plants they use are from Flower Factor members. 

We offer special film productions as well, like commercials or a series of promotional videos to introduce new varieties. In short: custom made innovative video productions.


Events & offline activities

Because nothing beats meeting in real life and having a cup of coffee together, we have a strong offline presence too. We organize events like Floral Jams, masterclasses and attend major trade fairs. 

With Floral Jams, we invite florists to jam with flowers and plants showing their design skills. It is a beautiful occasion to introduce our members' products to a wide range of floral designers. All designs are photographed and can be used for promotion later on. Flower Factor also designs custom-made shows, events and experience rooms. Think about a booth or a special entrance for your company. 

Curious to our events and offline activities we have organised in the past? Click here.

Masterclasses & workshops

Worldwide, Flower Factor can organise masterclasses, demonstrations and workshops for florists and students. New techniques and innovative use of other materials are the focal points.

Strategy & Marketing campagnes

Flower Factor likes to brainstorm with you about your online and offline appearance. Would you like a campaign for introducing new varieties? Or a new website? We are happy to help. With our experience in the flower industry and experts on online and offline communication, we can offer the right tools for your campaigns.



Get the ‘Flower Factor’

We'd love to work with you and share your inspirational stories in special floral films, How to make video tutorials or beautiful photos. We will help your business grow and reinforce your brand!