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Fleur Créatif and Fleur Magazine have been for many years already worldwide influential players in the world of flowers and therefore proud to be partners of het project 'Flower Factor'.

We are truly convinced that the collaboration and networking in the world of flowers will strengthen and give a real boost to the entire sector. As organizer of international floral events like Fleuramour, we know better than anyone that 'inspiration' is what counts.

Fleur Créatif has been for more than 20 years by far worldwide the inspirational magazine par excellence for florists and everyone with a heart for the floral world. Creations by famous Dutch, Belgian and international floral designers play the leading part. Fleur Creatif arrives four times a year, each connects with the season we're in. In each edition special projects with flowers are introduced and a floral designer tells us about his or her sources of inspiration.

Twice a year four young florists engage themselves to realize Fleur Creatif@home. This special edition of Fleur Créatif shows you the power of creations for daily life, parties or other special occasions. 128 pages for a life filled with flowers. Available worldwide in four languages.

Fleur Magazine on the other hand is an every inch professional magazine for professional florists. It informs on everything that goes on in the floral world. In Fleur Magazine you'll find the latest news, competitions and floral events. Next to this you'll find marketing tips for the florist, interieur design and culture. In short: Fleur Magazine informs and inspires. There is a Dutch and French edition to cover the Dutch, Belgian and French market. 

Next to both magazines we are also very actieve online. On the websites of Fleur Magazine and Fleur Creatif, you can find recent updates and news from the floral world and the best pictures of that moment. You can find us also on social media. 

Are you looking for a floral book? Then visit the completest floral digital bookshop www.fleurbookshop.com. We send our books cheaply and fast to all corners of the world.

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