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Keen to learn, driven and an avid green-lover; Roos van Unen (1996) is a creative spirit who enjoys a life filled with floral design and challenges. As a breath of fresh air, she flows through the floral world with strong conviction and interesting creations which she also shares on 'Roos Floral Design'. She likes to surround herself with anything that grows and blooms.

I like using materials from a natural origin as much as possible.

Already from a young age, Roos has been busy with flowers and plants. As a child, she started to take care of a vegetable garden, in which not only vegetables and herbs were planted, also the very first seed for a green future filled with growth and creativity. At secondary school, she came in contact with floristry and everything seemed to fall into place.

Vocational education aimed at 'Flower and Design' and 'Specialist Nature and Design' has brought her to the point in her early career as a floral designer. Enjoying life, personal growth and challenge are key factors in her life. Her work is characterized by natural, playful and beautiful floral creations.

It's my passion, it's what I love to do most. I can see myself working in this wonderful business for the rest of my life


Next to being interested in floral design, Roos is also interested in photography. She tries to be at places where she can grow and is not shy of some self-reflection. She hopes to gain all kinds of experiences in all the various branches of the flower business and likes to surround herself with people who she can learn from.

Roos has worked on several projects such as Fleuramour, trade fair ideas and building stands for clients like Royal Flora Holland and demonstrations at trade fairs like IPM Essen. She also assisted with teaching at the floral design school Sikastone in China.

I hope to do a lot of different things in the flower business, gaining experience as much as possible and becoming a jack of all trades. From education, big projects, photography and commercial flower arrangements.

Within Flower Factor, Roos van Unen plays an important role as content creator, floral designer, photographer and floral assistent of renowned floral designer Pim van den Akker. 

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