Floral TweetJam

Like a music jam session but with flowers: Flower Factor regularly organizes these inspiring meetings where floral designers are challenged to show off their skills!


Latest edition: #7 Floral TweetJam

This mini Floral TweetJam was held during the Florist Event at the Royal FloraHolland Seasonal Trade Fair in Naaldwijk. On March 9th eight creative floral designers showed their skills and inspired visitors and florists worldwide as this TweetJam was broadcasted on our website via livestream. Pim van den Akker presented this TweetJam together with Peter Bouwman. Missed out on the TweetJam? You can watch the full registration here


- David Ragg
- Janneke Camps
- Yvonne Scheenloop
- Sarah Dikker
- Gea Korpel-Beskers
- Therese Heemels Janssen
- Geertje Stienstra
- Inge Quint
- Regina Motmans


Previous edition: #6 Vintage Fall

The theme Vintage Fall will make your creativity flow. Warmth, autumn and retro are central on this day.

Because of this on- and offline event we can online inspire tens of thousands of florists worldwide, they can tune in from where ever they are. We had interesting talks with people from the flower business like growers, professional designers, florists, teachers but also students who are our future. 

Besides watching the whole event live you can also help spreading the word and be a flower factor yourself. Together we place our craftsmanship back in the spotlight and make our business booming again!


Participants Vintage Fall

The following partners and growers participated: 

Zentoo with a wide diversion of the coolest Chrysanthemums
Opti-flor with beautiful and sometimes crazy Phalenopsis plants
YourLily the Lilium organization with the widest range of Great Liliums
Smitsers Oasis with everything a florist need in their profession
BromeliaGroup with very trendy and different Bromelia's
Deliflor with their amazing and new varieties
LZ Orchidee with amazing 'IceCascade' Cymbidiums and many others
Hofland Freesia with their Freesia Finest Collection
Fiore Anthuriums with six of the prettiest Anthuriums
Ichtus Flowers with amazing Phalenopsis stems
Van der Ende Amaryllis with flowers almost all year round
Holstein Flowers with off course the most beautiful Gerbera's
Chrysal with food that flowers love
Aqua4Weeks with perfect water systems for your plants
Adomex with their wide range of greens
Dutch Cut Cymbidium growers with great colors of cymbidium
FleuraMetz with a wide range of Flowers
Amaryllis Group with very many Amaryllis flowers
Kalanchoe with trendy Kalanchoe's 
Parfum Flower Company with beautiful perfumed roses
MDK Flowers and Greens with tropical flowers

Check the videos and interview from the past Floral TweetJams: