Bloem en Blad

The mission of the magazine Bloem en Blad (literally: Flower and Leaf) is to inform and to inspire florists, and to be indispensable for anyone working as a professional florist in the Netherlands.

Bloem en Blad is a magazine that brings you over 60 pages of information each month. We also provide florists with the daily news about their line of business via our website, which is only accessable to subcribers. In addition to that, the site offers goodies like photo's and extra information, and the option to read the magazine online.

The paper edition is filled with longer articles, mainly about craftmanship and entrepeneurship. Articles about craftmanship will for instance feature floral creations by national and international colleagues, contain information about new flowers and plants, reveal how certain products are cultivated, and much more.

Articles about entrepreneurship will, to give but a few examples, deal with personnel management, diversification, tax matters, moving the flower shop to a different location and developments in turnovers and sales.

Of course there's also plenty of room for human interest stories, as it is always good to see how colleagues handle things, or to read about what drives people in this business.

In short, Bloem en Blad is a must for the professional florist.