Floral Design Masterclasses

It gets you in touch with a story, a sense, an authenticity and a way of looking, that will shape your own individual floral style.

Pim’s master classes are unique. Pim doesn’t want you to copy the work of others. He wants and helps you to find the inspiration in yourself to create new designs in your own way.

All this with the use of many techniques and with the development of a good sense how to use and combine materials and forms. In this encouraging setting you will learn to discover a new approach in the way flowers, plants, forms and material create their own atmosphere and tell their own story.

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This unique program is for florists and designers that want to go further with their skills in floristry. Techniques and material will be reviewed in an amazing way. Themes will be inspired from the 7 books of Pim van den Akker. This program is a journey through several of his books, that reveals possibilities an techniques.

Studio Flower Factor
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