Always Kalanchoë is an initiative of Kalanchoë-growers and breeders in the Netherlands. They've joined forces to promote their product and reach florists, garden centres and consumers.

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Some growers specialize in the common types of Kalanchoë like the single flower ones and double-flowered Kalanchoës. Other growers go for the more exotic varieties, like the Kalanchoë 'Bells', that carries beautiful soft green bell-shaped flowers. Or the completely green 'Croco'. Growers and breeders share their knowledge with each other when it comes to new techniques and the quality of the plants. And so they create beautiful plants that meet the highest standards. 

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Kalanchoë is a cheerful plant for everyone to love. And, it blooms for a period of at least 10 weeks! The Kalanchoë is no longer just an indoor plant; the Kalanchoë Garden loves to be outdoors from May until September when temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius.

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Kalanchoë of Always Kalanchoë are very suitable for the Hospitality branch. Every bar, restaurant, hotel or conference room looks better with a Kalanchoë which are very easy to maintain and low in cost. Kalanchoë lights up the room and gives it the right colour and atmosphere. As well as indoor as outdoor.


One of the main selling points of this cool plant is how easy the Kalanchoë is to care for. Put you plants in a sunny spot and water them once a week, to keep them happy. It will reward you with lots and lots of flowers! Flower Factor is going to show how versatile these beauties are. In ‘How to Make’ videos our floral designers will share ideas on how to use the modest Kalanchoë in surprising ways.

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