Van der Hoorn Orchids

Van der Hoorn Orchids is the first greenhouse without gas in the Netherlands! This means that they use about 40% less energy during the cultivation process. Only a heat pump, aquifers and green energy are used. No gas is involved!

Van der Hoorn has a long family history. Maurice van der Hoorn is currently at the helm as the third generation. 40 years ago, van der Hoorn was the first Phalaenopsis grower in the Netherlands. Technology and innovation have ensured a sustainable and modern company, which consists of a 15,000 m2 greenhouse for the cultivation of the quality labels Amore Mio and Amore Excellent.

The orchid is a true work of art from nature. No less than 80 different varieties of Phalaenopsis Multiflora are grown at van der Hoorn. Of fairytale white, variegated speckled or dreamy pink.

Van der Hoorn works with joy and believes that this makes the difference. They are proud of the company and with their environmentally conscious approach to ensure that every orchid is grown with love.