LG Flowers is a grower and breeder of 84 gerbera varieties. These loved flowers are grown by a team of enthusiastic experts who spend their day working on the development of new varieties and giving their flowers the utmost care and attention.

Connecting with the horticultural business is an important factor for LG Flowers. With a pragmatic approach and an open mind, they meet with people in the business. LG Flowers is a family business that goes back two generations: grandfather Piet Lansbergen started in 1994 with making bouquets together with his sons Aad, Kees and Hein to offer their customers more variety. Today, the third generation works in this family business, together with a large team, staying true to the same values as before.

Our ambition is to bring happiness and energy to people with our gerberas

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At two locations, each with its own specialization, they work with passion to cultivate the finest gerberas. At one location, gerberas are picked and processed for florists and wholesalers. They also design bouquets and concepts for retail. Their other location is dedicated to breeding gerberas. The special breeding department 'Florya Breeding' breeds unique gerberas where they look for interesting colours, shapes or combinations of these two factors.

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On more than 100,000 m² 75 million gerberas are grown annually, making LG Flowers one of the largest gerbera producers in the world. LG Flowers is a modern, labour-friendly and environmentally friendly company which reflects in the achieved certificates: MPS A, MPS SQ, Global GAP and GRASP.


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