Pim van den Akker filled this round disc decorated with birch bark with the special mini Gerbera Mi Twisti Zetta from LG Flowers. He made the base himself by gluing two plant discs on top of each other and cutting the top one open. The disc was filled with soaked floral foam and the edges of the disc decorated with pieces of birch bark. As a detail, Pim added a piece of the inner tire of a bicycle and fixed it with a black pin. 

During the Live Q&A at LG Flowers, Pim shared this idea and many more. Watch it on our Facebook page!


LG Flowers

LG Flowers is a grower and breeder of 84 gerbera varieties. These loved flowers are grown by a team of enthusiastic experts who spend their day working on the development of new varieties and giving their flowers the utmost care and attention.

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