Menno Kroon

Menno Kroon was born in 1961 in the village of Broek-in-Waterland in Holland, the second oldest of four brothers. "My love for nature" started at a young age.

Watching seeds sprout or a plant take root. That growth process still intrigues me." While studying for a qualification in retail, Menno discovered how to share his passions with other people by advising them and trying to interact with them. That’s how he came to earn pocket money at the local market and at a bakery. "I was always good with my hands..." It’s something which took him on a path to master-florist training a few years later and landed him with an artistic destination. Flowers became his “postillion d'amour” messenger of love.

Ambition brought him to Elenbaas Flowers, florist in the village of Driebergen which was well known in old local aristocratic circles. "I worked there for four years as if it were my own business, until I reached my ceiling." Menno then moved on to join a new floristry business owned by his former classmate from his floristry training days, Marcel Wolterinck. Wolterinck, together with Menno Kroon, is now considered one of the most important interior and floral designers in Holland. 

After three intensive years by Marcel Wolterinck’s side, it was time to do it alone and jump in at the deep end entrepreneurship beckoned. Kroon was 30 years old and wanted to move on. So he upped sticks to a small workshop housed at a listed building. His floristry business got off to a flying start. He won awards, employed his first members of staff and became the talk of the town thanks to his fairytale seasonal themes. "During my special Sunday openings, the store had the appearance of an exclusive club. I attracted people from all over Holland. Rich and poor."

By 1995, the growing need for larger shop premises led Menno Kroon to turn his attention to Amsterdam. He ended up at the famous Maria de Haan florist on Cornelis Schuytstraat in the Dutch capital. Menno Kroon envisaged this building which came with a cellar as his 65-square metre “dream” concept store. Below stairs served as a workshop for cutting flowers, with sales and exhibition space on the ground floor. "While the ‘Opening Soon’ sign was still on the window, I sold a stone table I’d designed myself just like that.” On October 17, 1996, Menno Kroon officially opened the shop doors. Barely two weeks later, the bottom of his shop stock was in sight. "So we were very lucky then. I had to finance this spasmodic growth of the business myself."

Creating living interiors hasn’t done Menno Kroon any harm. His floral signature now enjoys worldwide recognition. Relying on his intuition is key in everything he does, whether it’s floristry, interior design or his artistic vision. It is the compass which has kept Menno Kroon at the top of his game for the past 17 years. Always searching for the disarming purity of as yet undiscovered flowers or interior design combinations. To capture these and share them.  Since 2008 there’s also Menno Kroon Cothen, a flower estate in the picturesque village of Cothen his quiet place.

Menno Kroon Vision

"Carrying a travelling rose with you all day. All the way to the bedside cabinet.”

Every person makes a journey through life. Interior design is the embodiment of this journey. It moves with life’s changing circumstances and stages. It’s Menno Kroon’s forte to weave old and new chapters of these dynamic life stories together floridly. Inspired decor, furniture made of natural materials and stimulating art at home and in the office. All from one conviction a balanced interior connects good and bad times harmoniously and with feeling. It results in a cathartic home life which brings both calm and energy.

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