The family owned business Van der Lugt Lisianthus grow the most amazing quality of Lisianthus. And these elegant varieties are exclusively available for florists.

van der lugt lisianthus

Jolanda van der Lugt explains: "Since we only offer high quality flowers, with sturdy stems and lots of flowers, we decided they are best of in the appreciative hands of florists. Besides that, we find it important that florists are provided with flowers they can distinguish themselves with." And this target group is very enthusiastic about the Lisianthus. Flower Factor designer Nelleke Bontje sees a lot of improvement on the flowers compared to a couple of years ago: "You immediately notice these flowers are stronger. And by adding flower food you prolong the vase life even more, from 7-10 days up to 18-21 days!" 

bedrijfspagina van der lugt lisianthus wit

Van der Lugt has two types of Lisianthus: varieties with single flowers and ones with double flowers. But although they already have lots of beautiful varieties, they're always working on expanding their produce. "Different growing techniques, new varieties and high quality, that's what we strive for", says Jolanda.

One branch is like a miniature bouquet 

Van der Lugt Lisianthus seeks contact with the end user whenever possible. "If you know what each of the partners in the chain wants and needs, you can work on that together. For instance: we are working on sustainable ways to grow our products and getting MPS-A certified. Not only is that important for our business and the environment, but also for florists that want to be recognized as Sustainable Florist ('Barometer Duurzame Bloemist) and use our products", explains Jolanda.  


Flower Factor will show the versatility of the Lisianthus, whether it is in a bouquet, flower arrangement or single flower design. For more information and an overview of the different varieties they grow, please visit their website


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