Trendy Dianthus

The carnation is a beautiful flower which deserves the attention! Flower Factor, international growers and Mijn Bloemist join forces to spread the beauty and power of the Dianthus (carnation).

Interesting floral work can be created with carnation. Their excellent vase life makes the flower suitable for many purposes: as an eyecatcher in a bouquet or as a beautiful detail in an impressive object. The carnation is often wrongly regarded as 'oldfashioned'. The versatility of the flower with its wide-ranging colour palette and surprisingly different shapes makes this label inadequate in describing the carnation. These elements allow you to use carnations in contemporary floral designs.


Flower Factor does away with the label 'oldfashioned' once and for all by sharing innovative inspiration on our online platforms. By using and presenting the carnation in a different way, we hope to invite the florist to experiment with this surprising flower! Flower Factor will create inspirational content with this beauty commisioned by promotion group carnation, VBW and Mijn Bloemist, specifically for the upcoming national volunteer weeks from 10 till 26 March 2018 to "Verras jouw kanjer met een anjer" (Surprise your topper with a carnation)! People are able to submit volunteers who deserve a carnation bouquet (KAnjerboeket) or arrangement. Every month, a 'Kanjer van de maand' or 'Topper of the month' is elected who will be completely spoiled with carnations to make them feel special.


Flower Factor will show with inspirational content that a carnation bouquet or arrangement can express exactly what you would like to say. The carnation is strong and different, similar to volunteers: they make a difference. You can find a few examples of innovative and interesting carnation designs on this page.

Kanjerboeket carnation two bouquets smaller

Are you completely crazy about carnations and would you like to share your creation? Join our Trendy Dianthus Facebook group. Inspire others and get inspired!


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