Wintery floral design ideas

Wintery floral design ideas! Winter is a magical time and this season holds some exquisite seasonal products in stock. How about the Hellebore? A true 'winter angel' and suitable to keep indoors as well as outside. Our designers share some great ideas to present these cool plants in original ways. Another true winterplant is the exclusive Ice Cascade Cymbidium orchid. This plant has a waterfall of flowers and thrives in lower temperatures. Kept inside with a room temperature of around 17 degrees will elongate the flowering time. And off course there are some favourite winter flowers to be admired in lovely arrangements and bouquets, such the Amaryllis and Ilex. Fortunately, we can combined them with flowers that are avialable year round, making the winter just as interesting floral wise as any other season. Be inspired by these cool winter flower designs! 


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