David Ragg

UK based floral designer David Ragg has been emerged in flowers his whole life. “When I was young and beautiful, David winks, I used to spent lots of weekends at my grandparents who owned a flower shop. I was fascinated by flowers and the idea that you can make so many amazing things out of natural materials.”

This year is the 25th anniversary of David’s own flower shop. “The industry is ever evolving and that makes it really interesting to be in this trade. Working with flowers should always be exciting, but I do know what it’s like when you run a busy flower shop. It can sometimes feel a bit like a production line, simply because you lack time to be creative or develop new skills”, David says.

Now he grasps every opportunity to be creative, however big or small the request is. “That’s why I really like what Flower Factor does: sharing ideas, knowledge and inspiration. Give me some materials, tools and a few flowers and I’ll get cracking. I really hope it inspires people to have a go at it themselves. And I’d love to come back and make some more video tutorials!”

David in short

"Pristine fresh flowers, straight from the growers. All varieties of roses, there’s something endearing about them. And seasonal flowers. I love the changing of the seasons and look forward to working with the flowers that are part of that. So no tulips in October for me."

Not a fan:
"Limonium, especially not in a mixed bouquet. I think that’s hideous. But when requested, of course I’ll try to make something beautiful with it. I like a challenge!"

Most proud of:
"The Chelsea Flower Shows."

Upcoming projects:
"The restyling of my own flower shop!"


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