Flower arrangements

With flower arrangements there are endless possibilities. Starting with the base; you can either use floral foam from Oasis, glass tubes or bowls. Then there's a huge choice in flowers, leaves, berries, wires, woods and so on. 

Our floral designers show you some creative combinations in flower arrangements in these 'How to make' videos. Think outside the box and take a closer look at some materials. See what you could use to give your floral design an interesting edge. Floral designers Klaus Wagener, Pim van den Akker, David Ragg, Menno Kroon and Nelleke Bontje share some design ideas. 

And while you are at it, you can pick up new floral techniques. Pim regularly shows his techniques in the inspirational videos, so you can learn a few new tricks. Want to learn more? We have an online floral design course available in our webshop!  


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