Jan van Doesburg

Floral Art in a broad perspective and knowledge transfer are my passions. "Flower design in a broad perspective" for me counts both the working practice of designing with organic material as well as the flower designing artistic thinking. Flowers are still a little piece of the garden of Eden on earth. If you touch them you feel pure luck. Bringing together a composition of flowers is a healing activity. Without doing this practically it is meaningless to be floral artist.

The flower composition you make is decided by your thinking. Thus, in a creative composition the creator is visible in who he is, what he wants, what he feels, what he stands for. In my work respecting the natural shape and impressions is central as well as floral architecture.

The flower design kind of  thinking does not stand alone. It is connected with many areas of our existence. This involves art, craft, design, presentation, fashion, history, spirituality, emotion, symbolism, traditions, folklore, commerce, botany, etc.

To experience floral design from this holistic vision makes it a rich experience. It is this holistic approach that I especially want to dedicate during the rest of my career. And of course I want to share this with others  through performances, classes, presentations and publications.

In addition, I would like to bring in my past experience and  thinking but moreover thinking  ahead and act from there. I expect this all will be offered to me by Flower Factor  Platform initiative. 

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