Special Freesia installation at Fleuramour 2018

Kristel van Dijk and Roos van Unen create a spectacle for all senses.

At one of the biggest floral events of the year, the Freesia cannot be missed. This beauty is busy with its comeback and will be shown in an "urban" installation made by the young Dutch designers Kristel van Dijk and Roos van Unen. They got inspired by the colours of the Freesia and the theme "Urban Roots" for this special Freesia installation at Fleuramour. "It didn't take long to come up with the idea to incorporate graffiti art in the design", Roos explains. "The bright colours, its expressive character and the rebellious element fits the Freesia perfectly. Forget words like nice and oldfashioned, #FreestyleFreesia!"


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Next to colour, smell and sound play a big role. Visitors will find their way to the 'Kleine Kelder' (Small Basement), lured by more than two thousand Freesias. When inside, a voice will guide the visitor through the floral installation while the voice will ask you to reflect, literally and figuratively. All senses will be sparked, giving you an intense experience.

Kristel van Dijk: “We would like to enchant our visitors with the beauty of our installation and the beauty of every flower. The Freesias are part of a bigger installation, but every individual flower is important. Every Freesia is placed on their own pedestal or actually in their own tube."

Freesia installatie Roos van Unen en Kristel van Dijk Fleuramour 2018 graffiti artiest Nane

The Freesia installation designed by Roos van Unen and Kristel van Dijk empowers the new vision on the Freesia, which was started by Flower Factor. In the #FreestyleFreesia series, fourteen Dutch and foreign designers have shared their innovative ideas with Freesia on the Flower Factor website.

The Freesia installation is on display from Friday 21 to Monday 24 September in the 'Kleine Kelder' of Alden Biesen during Fleuramour 2018. The installation is made possible by the Dutch growers of Fabulous Freesia of Royal Flora Holland.

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