Pim's blog: Upcycling

Because it's better for the environment, because it saves you money or because you find it challenging: reusing materials is always a good idea!

Episode 1: Old leather couch turns fine plant containers

In these times it is essential to be creative, to look at things differently and to use materials in other ways. I like to challenge myself, to seek boundaries and that goes for recycling as well. We as florists can do more when it comes to recycling. In materials that most people would discard as rubble, I see opportunities. Just by looking at it in a different way and wondering how I could use it. 

In materials that most people would discard as rubble, I see opportunities.

Walking the streets or when visiting a flea market, I gain new inspiration. A repairman's torn inner tube can just as easily be the ultimate material for a vase design. And an old leather couch, ready to be taken to the landfill, is a small treasure for me.

I was literally drawn to this couch. So I cut the beautifully aged leather loose and I turned it into this set of fine plant containers. For me, this is pure joy. Small happiness in the daily search for unique materials. Once you set your mind to recycling and use your creativity you'll be amazed by the new insights you get. It's fun, try it! 

The following months I'll regularly share my flea market-finds, recycle-ideas and upcycle-creations with you. And I am very curious to find out if there are more upcycle enthusiasts amongst you? If so, please share your beautiful creations! I'd love to see what you make out of reused materials. Email your pictures at redactie@flowerfactor.nl or share them on our Facebook page.

Here's to inventive floral designs and inspiration!
Pim van den Akker