Dutch florist Giada Graziani and her team at Don Florito won the Dutch Wedding Awards twice. What better time for an interview with this specialist florist than right in the middle of the wedding season!

How do you become the best wedding florist of the year?

By at least entering the competition and showing your work. I just showed them my great passion.  


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How come you are crowned best wedding florist for two years in a row?

Wow… I guess I make beautiful things. But I won’t say I’m the best, that’s hard for me.

 Is it your techniques, hard work, luck?

It definitely is hard work and being passionate about it. As far as techniques, of course I make sure everything is how it should be, but these aren’t difficult of extreme techniques. I just want to make gorgeous designs and show it.


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How many weddings do you work for each year?

I’ve specialized in weddings, big and small. The number varies between eighty and one hundred and fifty. In 2015 I’ve done one hundred and twenty, the same as in 2014. But it’s not just the numbers; it’s the amount of work. Sometimes it’s just a bouquet and some boutonnieres, but other times you are asked to decorate the whole location as well.

 What is your approach with the bride and groom to be?

I like it when they’re already familiar with my work. If they know what I do and trust me. Then I’ll take it a little step further. When people tell me they want all white, I take on the challenge to add just a touch of colour. I’ll make sure it is beautiful and I’ll try to move people. If guests arrive, I want them to talk about the floral designs, be amazed. Then I’m happy. Or when a bride tells me she loved the bouquet so much, she held it all day long. That’s a big compliment.


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In what ways can florists improve themselves? What’s there to learn?

Oh, now I have to share good advice… It’s not my place to tell others what to do. One thing that does strike me is that wedding flowers are often too fresh. When the wedding is on Saturday, you buy the flowers a few days ahead, so they have time to bloom. You want the flowers to be at their best on that one special day. That’s difficult and my timing is sometimes off as well, but it is my aim to have open flowers at the wedding.

 Do you think florists are daring enough?

You have two types of Dutch florists, the ones who are and those that are not.


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So what opportunities are florists missing out on?

Perhaps Dutch florists should consider the enormous amount of different materials that are available here. And stop thinking this bouquet has to last for at least another week, because a wedding bouquet has a totally different task. It has to be at its best on that one day. Try and experiment with different colours and combinations. And last but not least: the finish. Top and bottom, I like it both to be just as beautiful.

Giada created a beautiful BOHO cascade bouquet for Flower Factor. Wanna see how? Click below!

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Interview with Giada Graziani she won the Dutch Wedding Awards twice.