Floral designs presented at IPM 2017

Flower Factor showcased floral designs at IPM Essen 2017 with the produce of some of our growers. Pim van den Akker showed florists some clever and commercial designs. An overview.

Flower Factor is all about inspiring florists. And so we did at IPM Essen 2017. We brought along some beautiful produce from our partners Arend Roses, Deliflor Chrysanten, Fabulous Freesia, Fuerte Planta, Hilverda Kooij, Ichtus Flowers, LZ Orchidee and My-Blush. Pim van den Akker showed exciting flower arrangements and commercial derivatives of these designs; the quicker to make versions so to say.

combin wicker designs

The base of this Mikado-like design is wicker, stacked up high and poured over with thinned wood glue. The glass tubes contain a mix of flowers: cut Phalaenopsis by Ichtus Flowers, Chrysanthemums by Deliflor, 'Green Trick' Dianthus by HilverdaKooij and Gloriosa by My-Blush. A quicker and more commercial version is the one on the right: same idea but less time consuming, flowered with the 'Zembla Lime' Chrysanthemum. 

Pim: Experiment, try new materials and be inspired by the stuff you find outside the wholesalers 

Another focus was on creating original constructions with surprising materials. There are lots of materials that can be recycled and you can often get for free, such as left over wood, flat bicycle tires and left-over pieces of leather.

lz design rubber fuerte leather  

A design with Cymbidium orchids for LZ Orchidee and a recycled leather container for the Adios® White Anthurium by Fuerte Planta.

At IPM Essen 2017 Deliflor Chrysanten presented their latest variety: the 'Vanilla Sorbet'. A Chrysanthemum grown by Zentoo with a creamy white, soft yellow colour. To show of their beauty, Pim created an arrangement with solely 'Vanilla Sorbet' Chrysanthemums. He turned a simple glass bowl into an exiting base by glueing dried fruits on the outside, making it stand out as an original yet easy way to present these strong flowers.  design Deliflor by Pim van den Akker presented at IPM 2017 uitsnede

"Raffia is a humble material as well, but can be used in so many different ways", says Pim. "I like to show florists how versatile simple materials can be".    

ichtus en arend design Pim van den Akker 

On the left Pim knotted raffia together into a vase shaped design to hold Ichtus Flowers cut Phalaenopsis in glass tubes. An easier version is with the roses by Arend Roses; flexible PVC tubes are tightly wrapped with raffia for a stylish look.

 IMG 2395

All in all we at Flower Factor enjoyed IPM Essen 2017 a lot and we hope to be part of this great fair again next year.