Five emotions of Natalie Fase

Natalie Fasé is a 24 year old floral designer and has her own flowershop for 2,5 years, Gift by Nature in Moordrecht the Netherlands. In her world everything she makes is a gift by nature. She styled many international weddings, develops concepts and magazines for one of the biggest orchid grower in the world. In everything she does she has a big preference for pure, natural materials and compositions.


Happiness is a feeling that makes me grateful and gives me hope for the future, it gives me a happy feeling to know that the people that I have gathered around me, are standing fully behind me. It makes me happy when I  am working in the summer from early in the morning till late in the evening  for my couples,.  If I can choose a jewel  (flower, plant) in the greenhouse of a breeder course and above all  it makes me happy when a couple in the other side of the world chooses me for letting their finest day to be styled with beautiful flowers!


There are few things that I find really stupid, mistakes is human, fall, get up and move again,these are teaching moments. I find it important not to stay on my own island but rather to work together, to unite and join forces and share powers in luck! Finally, we all share one passion, the love for our beautiful flowerbusiness


I am proud of the fact that I determined and full of passion and enthusiasm  I have to thank my parents, this passion has brought me where I am on this day in our beautiful profession. At a young age I already  started my own business, and now a few years later, I am proud of everything I have been able to achieve.  I follow and listen to my heart and wake up every day with enthusiasm to begin a new day, I'm a real dreamer, so I'm very curious about what the future will bring me! My motto is: 'She Believed, she could, so she did! "


Naturally, I hope that all my hopes and dreams may come true in the coming years. In addition, I hope to continue to develop myself and I hope to receive knowledge and innovation from other flower stylists.. I hope that I can inspire others to our craftsmanship and that I may provde an important contribution to the future.


Regret always comes too late in my opinion, I'm a really emotional person so  I often follow my heart.! I am really straight forward, honesty is the best policy after all! It's fine to have the right people around give a push in the right direction to avoid going in the wrong direction!

With great pleasure  I pass the baton to my dear collegue Renée Klatten