Bridal designs from our ambassadors

Menno, Alex, David and Klaus where all enthusiastic in sharing their favorite bridal design from this moment. They all have a different why and a different style.

Menno Kroon - The Netherlands

Prince in a Midsummer night’s dream! That was the wedding theme of Menno’s client. With great effort and creativity he created a bouquet perfect for the bride and her special wishes.

This bouquet is hand tied and secured with extra wire. The stems are nicely covered with beautiful ribbon. He used many beautiful flowers like: Roses, Peony, Vanda Orchids, Gloriosa, lilac Anthurium, pink Dendrobium, different Tillandsia flowers, Viburnum roseum dark Dracena leaves, and Asparagus.

Photographer - Mike van der Ent Pasarella website:

 a Menno Kroon wedding design1

David Ragg - United Kingdom


Shows us a beautiful bouquet and centerpiece for a winter wedding. Perfectly clean design that is based on half an Oasis sphere covered in stachys leaf. The composition features cut Poinsettia Pulcherrima, white Phalaenopsis, a few Ornithogalum and Tillandsia Xerographica.

The bouquet is very lightweight and the concept means that the design can be held cupped in the hands and assisted by a simple wire hoop to act as a ring underneath.” David explains.

 a David Ragg wedding1


Klaus Wagener - Germany


I love the mood of this composition. It has a South-African-Feeling inside and the color combination is classical elegant. Most customers like round shaped designs. That is the reason, we like to present these ball forms.  Also hanging decoration fits well to the momentary lifestyle.

Materials Klaus used: Serruria florida, Berzelia lanuginosa, Ozothamnus diosmifolius, Protea Cultivar, Leucadendron galpinii, Brunia leavis, Phylica lasiocarpa

He used the bridal bouquet holder Lady from Smithers-Oasis® where all the flowers are placed in. The holder is wrapped with special band which is knotted together.


a Klaus Wagener wedding bouquet1 

Alex Segura - Spain

Send us two designs;

Orange drop:

The drop shape is made by using an Oasis holder (Lady), covered with orange veneer wood stripes. He than covered the holder with orange and pink Dianthus, that became the base of all the other materials like the Phalaenopsis, Kalanchoe flowers and citrus fruits. They are all fixed with glue and pearl needles.

 a Alex Segura wedding design2.2 kopie

Bridal bouquet bowl:

Alex used a hat as a base for this wedding bouquet. He made a little ring underneath for the bride to give extra grip when holding this bridal design. All the floral materials are glued and fixed with pearl needles to the inside of the hat. He used many different materials like blue berries, pearls, plant parts, spray Dianthus, Chrysanthemums and Brassica. 

 a Alex Segura wedding design1.1