Five emotions of Alex Segura

Our dear Ambassadeur Alex Segura shares with us his perception on hoe he experiences the 5 different emotions we have for all designers.


For me, to be happy depends on several factors such as: to live in a society that respects me, working on what I like, to feel good about yourself, to have a family that loves you and helps you, to be healthy, to have economic resources… all of them are very important but we also have to have the ability to evaluate and enjoy them. I also think that it’s very important to know to enjoy the small pleasures that life offers us like, a good talk with friends, dancing and singing, sunbathing, to travel, to play sports, a good chocolate…


Something stupid is a thing that makes no sense. It is a feeling of disbelief.
It is to be able to fix something and not do it.
It is not wanting to see the point of view of others.
It is not wanting to dialogue and to overcome differences.
It is demanding much and never give anything.
It is keep saying one thing when you know that it's not true.


Hope is the desire for a better future. It is the place from which to draw strength when you think everything is over. It is a world without prejudice, hate or envy. It’s a place full of dreams, is a field full of flowers!!


Pride has to be the result of work and effort .It is the fruit of having done things the best that you have known. It is not shame on you for what you are, have or do. And is useless without respect and empathy for the others!!


Regret has to have three phases. First one is the recognition that we have done something wrong and is an exercise in honesty with yourself. The second is to apologize to those who have been hurt or harm. And the last one, and most important, is to learn from our mistakes and try to not make them again!!