Roos van Unen has created a unique spherical funeral arrangement with a wild and natural feeling and serene white Dianthus. The different kinds of branches (birch branches and mossed branches) combined with the bowl create a wild, but serene arrangement. The seashells and the movement made by the branches makes you think of the beach and a storm.


Trendy Dianthus

The carnation is a beautiful flower which deserves special attention! The international growers, the Dutch Florist Association (VBW) and the online platform for florists Flower Factor join forces to spread the beauty and power of the Dianthus (carnation).

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Smithers-Oasis Company is a leading manufacturer and trader of OASIS® Floral Foam, OASIS® Floral Products, Floralife® Post harvest products and OASIS® Grower farming products for the floral industry.

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