Pim van den Akker loves to work with Hydrangeas and got some beautiful varieties to work with, like the 'Verena', 'Pimpernel' and 'Rapsody'. He creates a big bouquet with them and adds a little twist with some dried sunflower stalks.

When using cut Hydrangea, be sure to:
- use a clean vase
- add flower food to the water
- cut the stems with a sharp knife in a 45 degrees angle so they can hydrate as much as possible
- remove some/all of the leaves as they use up a lot of water
- mist the flowers for extra hydration
- keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, draft and heating


Promotion cut Hydrangea

Hydrangea symbolizes grace, beauty and abundance because of the exuberant number of flowers and the generous dome form.

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