Pim van den Akker shares an autumn style flower arrangement idea with gorgeous spray roses from Interplant Roses. In this arrangement, three varieties in autumnal colours are used: 'Chococcino®', 'Sweet Kelly®' and 'Azore®'. With so many roses per stem, you want to accentuate just that! The arrangement stands tall on the few stems from which many branches filled with roses come out at the top. Let your customers be amazed by the sheer beauty of these flowers. And give them a few important pointers: cut off one centimeter of the stems with a sharp knife, use a clean vase and add flower food to the water to ensure all roses open up nicely.


Interplant Roses

Interplant Roses B.V. is an international (rose) breeding company with fifty six years experience in the breeding of cut flower roses, both single heads and spray (multi headed) roses.

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