With this heartshaped OASIS® Black Ideal, Roos van Unen creates a beautiful heart for Valentine's Day. The diversity of these amazing Carnations and Alstroemeria in deep red, pink and purple shades, combined with the black floral foam, creates an extra dimension. The thread spun in the design creates a tight movement. The amaranthus draped below the thread creates a lavish movement. The combination of tight lines, sensual movement and deep colours makes for a passionate Valentine's Day floral arrangement.


Promotion Alstroemeria

The promotion of the Alstroemeria is powered by a collective of breeders and suppliers from Royal FloraHolland. They focus on getting the attention of florists to use the Alstroemeria more often and in different ways.

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Smithers-Oasis Company is a leading manufacturer and trader of OASIS® Floral Foam, OASIS® Floral Products, Floralife® Post harvest products and OASIS® Grower farming products for the floral industry.

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Trendy Dianthus

The carnation is a beautiful flower which deserves the attention! Flower Factor, international growers and Mijn Bloemist join forces to spread the beauty and power of the Dianthus (carnation).

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