Step by Step Summery Sunderland lily arrangement

These bright orange lilies invite you to create a wonderful summery design. Pim van den Akker shares his take on summery Sunderland lilies in this step by step tutorial.

Sunderland lilies, grasses, Leucothoe, green gravel, floral foam, sticks, raffia, silicone glue and a smart container.  

1 sbs Sunderland zomer ingredienten2

Keep tool within reach. Soak the floral foam.

Step 1
Generously apply the silicone glue on small patches of the container and press in the gravel. Repeat until the container is fully covered.

Step 2
Place in the floral foam. Use a knife to cut a few inches of the stems of the Sunderland lilies. A clean cut in a sharp angle ensures the flowers can take in enough water so they can open up gloriously. 

2 sbs Sunderland zomer2

Step 3
Add the grasses and Leucothoe. To create an extra detail, glue gravel onto sticks and place them in between the flowers.

3 sbs Sunderland zomer2

Step 4
Finish off the arrangement by adding some raffia in between the flowers. Use cloth pegs here and there to clamp raffia on the Sunderland lilies. 

5 sbs close up2

Done; you have created a wonderful and summery arrangement with Sunderland lilies! Once they open up this glorious piece provides a burst of colour. The Sunderland lilies are strong flowers to enjoy for a long time. And as an added bonus: they are fragrance free. Enjoy! 
6 sbs Sunderland zomer eindresultaten2

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