Step-by-step: Surprising Alstroemeria arrangement

The Dutch florist Evelien van de Sande shares a design idea with stunning Alstroemerias. These flowers are strong and elegant. By using them in full length, this quality is accentuated. Once in full bloom, this design has an abundant and luxurious feel to it.

Alstroemeria, orchid roots, strings of thick wool, Diplocyclos vine and a nice glass vase

Keep tools like knives and scissors within reach.

Alstoemeria arrangement idea Evelien 1 Surprising Alstroemeria2

Step 1:
Use the spiralling technique to create a lush bouquet with the Alstroemerias. Tie together with a decorative piece of rope. Fill the vase with water and place the bouquet into it.

Alstoemeria arrangement idea Evelien 2 Surprising Alstroemeria

Step 2:
Weave the orchid roots through and back around the Alstroemeria stems to create a nice effect.

Alstoemeria arrangement idea Evelien 3 Surprising Alstroemeria

Step 3:
Now add the thick string of wool and weave this through the upper part of the Alstroemeria bouquet.

Alstoemeria arrangement idea Evelien 4 Surprising Alstroemeria

Step 4:
Wrap and weave the Diplocyclos vine around the stems as a finishing touch!

Alstoemeria arrangement idea Evelien 5 Surprising Alstroemeria

Et voila: a beautiful and elegant Alstroemeria arrangement for you to enjoy!