Step-by-step: Natural Composition with an Anthurium plant

In this step by step Nelleke Bontje makes a natural composition with an anthurium plant. The plant stays in its own value and the branches give it an artistic but natural look and feel.


-       Anthurium plant: Adios Romance from Fuerte Planta

-       Glass vase

-       Pear wood

-       Tiewraps

 Materialen anthurium2

A beautiful natural composition that adds value to the Anthurium plant.


Step 1.

Take the Anthurium plant out of its plastic container and place it in the glass vase. To point out the natural look of this arrangement it’s beautiful to show the roots of the plant.

in glazen pot 1 

Step 2.

First place a few branches in the soil of the plant in the glass vase. Connect them together with the tiewraps.

 takjes start 1

Step 3.

Then also place some branches on the outside of the glass vase and connect them with the branches on the inside. This way you get more balance in your arrangement. 

takjes met tiewraps geknipt 1 

And ready!! Powered by Fuerte Planta, Anthurium grower.