Step-by-step: Natural Anthurium plant arrangement

Roos van Unen has created an Anthurium plant arrangement with the Anthurium 'Adios® White' from Fuerte Planta. To not disturb the fresh and calm combination of the white Anthurium and its green leaves, an edgy casing is made from pieces of birch bark which accentuate the 'Natural look' beautifully.


Anthurium 'Adios® White', birch bark, decorative iron wire, transparent vase.

Keep tools like knives, scissors, wire plier and a drill within reach.


Step 1:
Cut the birch bark into easily workable pieces.


Step 2:
Cut the birch bark into equal squares.


Step 3:
Place a few squares on top of each other. Now, drill two holes on every side of the square (in total 8 holes). 


Step 4:
Use decorative iron wire and connect two pieces of birch bark with each other by weaving the iron wire through the holes. Make a knot at the back with the two ends of the iron wire and cut this off. Repeat this until it is wide enough to fit around the transparent vase.


Step 5:
Place the casing made of birch bark around the transparent vase and put the Anthurium 'Adios® White' in the design.


Done! Now you have a beautifully natural plant arrangement with the Anthurium 'Adios® White' to enjoy!