Step by step: Cheerful Kalanchoë 'Dorothy' plant arrangement

Roos van Unen created a happy plant arrangement with the Kalanchoë 'Dorothy' from Always Kalanchoë. With just a few leftover materials, you can decorate a plant and pot in a nice way. You can use a piece of linoleum with a wooden look to add a natural-looking element. Perfect if you don't like to waste materials.

Kalanchoë 'Dorothy', a strip of linoleum, rattan, small transparent pot.

Keep tools such as a knife, scissors and a glue un within reach.

Step 1:

Roll the strip of linoleum into a cylinder and fix the construction with hot glue.

AlwaysKalanchoe Extra SBS Orange Easy s1

Step 2:
Place the transparent pot in the cylinder and use hot glue to fix the linoleum to the pot. Hot glue can easily be removed from the glass when dry. You can choose to cover the entire transparent pot, but by keeping the rim clear will give you an interesting view of the plant's soil.

AlwaysKalanchoe Extra SBS Orange Easy s2

Step 3:
Take the Kalanchoë 'Dorothy' out of the pot and place it into the new pot.

AlwaysKalanchoe Extra SBS Orange Easy s3

Step 4:
Cut details from the leftover linoleum and glue them onto the ends of rattan. Place the details playfully in the ground.

AlwaysKalanchoe Extra SBS Orange Easy s4+5

Done! You now have a cheerful Kalanchoë arrangement in which the Kalanchoë 'Dorothy' is nicely presented in a pot covered with leftover linoleum.