Step-by-step: Atypical wedding bouquet

Pim van den Akker shares a surprising new idea for a wedding bouquet, starring three varieties of spray roses from breeder Interplant Roses. A delicate and atypical wedding bouquet with spray roses that will continue to look fabulous throughout the bride and groom’s big day! Here’s why Pim van den Akker chose this atypical shape:

“There are so many roses on one stem, so next to their sheer elegance it is also a cost-effective choice to use spray roses. As a homage to the shape and multitude of roses on one spray rose stem, I created this wedding bouquet with several soft-toned varieties creating one big ‘stem’ filled with spray roses.”

Spray rose varieties ‘Antigua®’, ‘Royal Porcelina®’ and ‘Snowflake®’, Asparagus, Clematis vine, wooden stick, wooden bead, black iron wire, cold glue, binding wire.

Keep tools like knives, glue gun and a drill within reach.

Step 1:
The black iron wire is cut and bent at different lengths, already picturing how the structure will look when finished.

If you don’t have thick, black iron wire, you can use any iron wire you have on hand and spray-paint it in the colour you need. This, however, means you need to prepare this as well. 

Interplant sbs wedding Pim1


Step 2:
Place the wooden bead on the wooden stick. If necessary, fix the bead to the stick with some hot glue. 

Interplant sbs wedding Pim2


Step 3:
Use the drill to make small holes in the wooden bead and stick the iron wire parts into these holes. Make sure the holes are not to small, nor to big so the iron wire parts fit in the wooden center. Try to find the perfect fit, so hot glue isn’t necessary to fix the iron wire part.

Interplant sbs wedding Pim5


Step 4:
Wrap and weave the Asparagus around the iron wire structure, maintaining the transparency of the design. Use a Clematis vine, stripped of its leaves and flowers, to wind it around the structure to keep the Asparagus in place and fixing it with binding wire to several iron wire parts.

 Interplant sbs wedding Pim6

Step 5:
Cut off the heads of the spray roses and apply cold glue to the back of the rose heads. Wait a minute or two so the cold glue dries up a bit. This way, the glue will stick better.

Interplant sbs wedding Pim7

Step 6:
Stick a spray rose head on each of the ends of the iron wire construction. Hold the rose head for a second to make sure it is fixed to the iron wire.

Interplant sbs wedding Pim13

Et voila: a delicate and graceful wedding bouquet for your customers to enjoy on their wedding day!