Photo tutorial: Flower design with Green Trick

The Green Trick is an extraordinary variety of Dianthus that is great in experimental designs.

In this photo tutorial we show you step by step how to make a spectacular flower design with Green Trick. A surprising design that keeps at least two weeks. Great as business to business work.


componenten Green Trick

Sparkz Green Trick® by HilverdaKooij

 componenten Hydrangea

Hydrangea branches, without the leaves

 materiaal houten bak

Wooden container

 materiaal Oasis binddraad en ijzerdraad

Oasis binding wire and straight wire materiaal Oasis bal

Well soaked Oasis spheres in two sizes


HOw to make

Keep tools like scissors, knive, drill and long sticks within reach. 
Preparation: Soak the Oasis spheres well. Drill several holes in the edge of the wooden container. Clamp a straight wire into the drill, tie the Oasis binding wire at the end and let the drill wind it around. A fast and easy way to create decorative wire:materiaal Oasis binddraad om ijzerdraad


Step 1: Place the big Oasis sphere in the wooden container and place the smaller one on top. Secure with wooden sticks and cut them short:voorbereiding Oasis in houten container


Step 2: Time to work with the Sparkz Green Trick®! Cut the flowers in a sharp angle and stick them in the Oasis. Cover the Oasis spheres completely with the Green Tricks:stap 1 Green Trick steken


Step 3: Put the Hydrangea branches in the pre-drilled holes in the wooden container and weave them over the spheres: stap 2 Hydrangea takken toevoegen


Step 4: Add the decorative wire. Take a step back to look at your work; are you happy with the distribution of the branches and wire? stap 3 binddraad toevoegen

If so: you're done and you have created an original and decorative floral arrangement!
Design: Pim van den Akker