Bouquet vs flower arrangement

Creating extra value using floral foam. How? Simple! Pim van den Akker shows how you can make the most of your flowers in this bouquet vs flower arrangements step by step. Turn them into flower arrangements instead of just another bouquet! 


One sphere and two bricks of Black Ideal floral foam by OASIS®, a mixed bouquet.

sbs boeket vs steekschuim stap 1


Keep tools like floral foam knife, flower knife, and scissors within reach. Let the floral foam soak in water until it is fully hydrated. 

Step 1

Using the floral foam knife, cut clean shapes from the bricks of Black Ideal. Pim made pyramid-shaped pieces and hexagon-like shapes. Cut the sphere in half and place the top half sideways on the bottom part and secure with a stick. 

sbs boeket vs steekschuim stap 2

Step 2

Redistribute the flowers and create three unique flower arrangements by modestly placing one or two kinds of flowers in the shapes. Remember; the Black Ideal floral foam may be seen! Actually, it is a statement part of your design!

sbs boeket vs steekschuim stap 3a

Step 3

Finish off your design with some greens. Big chance you'll still have flowers and foliage left from the original bouquet!

sbs boeket vs steekschuim stap 3


Not only did you turn one bouquet into three flower arrangements; you have also been creative! Think of how much more freedom and creative opportunities working with floral foam gives you, compared to making bouquets. On top of that, you will pleasantly surprise your customers by showing something completely different and original. Win-win-win!

sbs boeket vs steekschuim stap final