Asplenium Crispy Wave is a beautiful, trendy and sculptural fern with shiny green pleated leaves. Crispy Wave is hardy and thrives in a light place with a minimum of care.

Asplenium Crispy Wave(N) is a plant which is highly effective at cleaning the air and converting CO2 to oxygen. This, combined with its long shelf life, makes the plant a perfect decorative element in the office or home. 

In 1961, Japanese gardener Haruo Sugimoto discovered a deviant Asplenium plant on the island of Yaku. The leaves of the plant were stiff and very wavy with a deep, yellowy-green colour. Over the next many years, he tried to subculture it without losing the characteristic wavyness of its leaves. It was not until 1994, some 30 years later, that he managed to subculture the version we know today!

Aspleniums like shadow or low light (no full sun!), therefore they are also very suitable to use in the bathroom. They don´t like a draught. Keep their ball of earth moist! 

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Shelf life
    The Asplenium is a very strong plant that purifies the air.
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  •   Care tips florists

    - Immerse the plant once a week

    - Don't let the plant dry out


  •   Care tips consumers

    - This fern likes to stand on a lighted place but not in the full sun! regular watering is needed! don't let the plant dry out