De Amaryllisbol is een bekend en populair product in de wintermaanden. Hoe groter de bol, hoe meer bloemen je kunt verwachten.

The Amaryllis bulb is a well-known and popular product in the winter months. The bigger the bulb, the more flowers you can expect. First of all, it shoots a green stalk with a stylized button, which then unfolds to a spectacular flower with trumpet shape. The Hippeastrum. Which looks just like an Amaryllis en is often called so, as if it were two names for the same plant. What is popularly called an Amaryllis is in fact a Hippeastrum, a member of the daffodil family. The flower has a light scent and can give off pollen. The Amaryllis has so much food in her flower bulb that it does not need any earth or water to be opened. That is why Amaryllis bulbs are usually sold separately. They are also available hoarded. When you choose to process an Amaryllis bulb without any water or earth, the flower will literally suck all the energy from the flower bulb. After the flower finished blooming the bulb is empty and then there is no point in planting the bulb in the garden because it has lost all of its energy and is will not be able to produce a new flower. However if you buy a hoarded bulb and give it water, it can be planted in the garden and you will be able to enjoy them again the next year. The Amaryllis will start blooming at temperatures that will remind it of spring season, roughly between 15 and 25 degrees. So that corresponds to room temperature. At temperatures noticeably higher stops the blooming quickly, at lower temperatures the blooming won’t even start. A moderate temperature is thus important when taking care of an Amaryllis.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Amaryllis, Knight Star
    South and Middle America and Caribbean area
    Enchanting beauty, pride
    Shelf life
    Potted Amaryllis can blossom nicely for some weeks at the right location and with the right care.
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  •   Care tips florists

    The amaryllis will start to blossom at temperatures that seem like spring, roughly between 15 and 25 degrees. So this matches room temperature just fine. At room temperatures which are noticeably higher the blossoming will stop quickly, at lower temperature the blossoming will not even get started. For the care of the amaryllis a good, medium temperature is therefore important.

  •   Care tips consumers

    The amaryllis blossoms at room temperature. If you have a normal room temperature then the amaryllis will grow fine. Make sure not to put the plant above the heating: it is often quite a bit warmer there! At the same time, a relatively cool place can do no harm, at a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees the amaryllis will often keep on blossoming for longer. Of course, avoid real cold.