Gloriosa is for a lot of florists their favorite flower. Also a lot of consumers like these tropical beauty.
She's a real eye-catcher! it's a climbing plant. who comes from origine from Africa and Azia.
She is a niece of the lily's  

She grows from a tuber and in winter you need to give her a warm place because she can't survive the frost
There are two types: short with a clean and slightly stem and one with a longer stalk with more leaves and branches.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Gloriosa superba
    Glory Lily
    Shelf life
    10-12 days
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  •   Care tips florists

    -gloriosa is a tropical flower so never put her in the cold store

    -cut a the stemps with a sharp knife 

    -always give the gloriosa a clean vase!

    -put flower food in the water. it helps the flowers to open nicely 

    -don't place the gloriosa in a drafty area






  •   Care tips consumers

    - cut the stems of the gloriosa with a sharp knife

    - remove the bottom leaes

    - put the flowers in a clean vase with clean water and flowerfood

    - check every day if there is enough water for the flowers

    - refresh the water after 3 or 4 days again

    - don't place the glorious in a drafty area and also not in the sun