Royal Delft Masterpieces

€ 39,95

Royal Delft and Pim van den Akker have collaborated to create an inspiring book. A book was created filled with floral artistry with Delfts Blue to present the two craftmanship in a different way. Pim van den Akker always focusses on 'timelessness' in his designs. The beautiful pictures show the strong combination of the old and the evanescent. The impressive play of the two crafts accentuates the colour of the flowers and the elegance and authenticity of the famous Delfts Blue.

The Royal Delft Pottery 'De Porceleyne Fles Anno 1653 (Royal Delft) is the leading producer of the authentic Delfts Blue crockery, decorative ornaments, and modern pottery. The company is also active as a knowledge centre for ceramics and welcomes 140.000 visitors annually who would like to behold the production process of the world famous Delfts Blue crockery. Beautiful masterpieces of the collection Delftware are decorated and translated in a new way by floral designer Pim van den Akker. His eye for detail, sense of composition and original creation, shine a new light on this centuries-old Dutch heritage.

A stunning book in which the history of the Royal Delft Pottery is beautifully framed with surprising and contemporary floral art. A perfect gift for flower lovers and Delft Blue enthusiasts. 

Hardcover, ENG/NL, 96 pages, Full colour