Floral Design

€ 49,95

'Making every day's life extraordinary' is Pim van den Akker's slogan. With his floral designs he aims to surprise the spectator. His floral creations are a bridge between the design business and the floral business.

In Pim van den Akker's book Floral Design he shows how natural forms, structures, and colours can influence the 'look and feel' of a room. The creative objects immediately conjure up a feeling: unstrained, emotional, surprising and impressive. The detailed pictures and text of Pim's floral art pieces give you insight into how an object has come to be. 

Flowers and plants are always greatly appreciated in his designs and are incorporated in a playful and honest way, preserving the essence of the natural materials. With core values like natural beauty, structures, and individuality, Pim shows his true craftsmanship. The book also represents the philosophy of this designer.

Hardcover, ENG/NL, 128 pages, Full colour.