Step by step: Anthurium plant turns flower arrangement

Why wouldn't you make a flower arrangement from a plant?

For this step by step, Nelleke Bontje used the entire plant to make a flower arrangement. Original!


Anthurium plant 'Adios Red®', a nice vase or container, floral foam, colored wire, colored wool, colored rattan


Keep tools like knife, scissors and trimming shear within reach. Make sure the floral foam is well soaked. 

 FuertePlanta anthurium plant 1

Step 1.
Cut all the leaves and flowers from the Anthurium plant. Keep the stems as long as possible.

Step 2.
Place a piece of floral foam in the vase or container and add water until it’s full.

Step 3.
Roll up all the leaves carefully in the length and wrap them with the coloured wire. Place the leaves criss cross and closely together in the floral foam.

Look further and see more than just a plant; this is also a fun way to work with Anthurium plants

Step 4.
Place the flowers with their long stems in between the rolled up leaves and make sure there’s an even distribution.

 FuertePlanta anthurium plant 3

Stap 5.
Place the flowers with with their long stems in between the rolled up leaves en make sure you create the right balans with the flowers.   

Step 6.
Take the colored rattan and tie the colored wool around the sticks. This really shows some craftsmanship and adds extra value to your arrangement. Place these sticks in between the flowers and rolled up leaves. 

FuertePlanta anthurium plant 4 

Don't forget to pour the vase full of water! Powered by Fuerte Planta

FuertePlanta anthurium plant 5