Floral designer Chantal Vollenbroek shares a bright and joyful design with five varieties of spray roses from breeder Interplant Roses. She reuses plastic bottles in her design to create an original base for the beautiful spray rose varieties Eyeliner®, Amata®, Summer Dance®, Bandolero® and Haley®. 


Don't buy your spray roses too raw, rather pick those who are already a bit open. This way, the spray roses will open up even more beautifully for your customer. Give your customers a tip or two to enjoy their spray roses longer: cut off one centimetre of the stems with a sharp knife and add flower food to the water to ensure all roses open up nicely.




Interplant Roses

Interplant Roses B.V. is an international (rose) breeding company with fifty six years experience in the breeding of cut flower roses, both single heads and spray (multi headed) roses.

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