Pim van den Akker shows how to make a funeral flower arrangement with the Sparkz varieties Solomio® Clif and Solomio® Cris from HilverdaKooij. They may look fragile, but these beauties are strong and will look great for a long time. When creating a funeral design it's important to consider adding symbolic layers. The choice to use bright colours and the Betula bark create a powerful mix of symbolism.



HilverdaKooij leads the global market in selecting, breeding and propagating Dianthus, Limonium and Alstroemeria varieties, and also breeds, selects and propagates Helleborus, Begonia, Echinacea, Gypsophila and Scabiosa cultivars.

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Smithers-Oasis Company is a leading manufacturer and trader of OASIS® Floral Foam, OASIS® Floral Products, Floralife® Post harvest products and OASIS® Grower farming products for the floral industry.

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