Step by step: Green Kalanchoë 'Magic Bells' design

Roos van Unen has made a fresh plant arrangement with the Kalanchoë 'Magic Bells' from Always Kalanchoë. With a few simple steps, you can make fun decorations on a transparent pot. The bright green colour and shape of the luffa's match the green of the plant and the bell-shaped flowers. It's the perfect combination for people who love eccentric greens!

Kalanchoë 'Magic Bells', bright green luffa's, sturdy iron wires, small transparent pot.

Keep tools such as knives and a pair of pliers within reach.

kalanchoe sbs roos

Step 1:
Pierce the sturdy iron wires through the luffas. Keep in mind the dimensions of your transparent pot.

kalanchoe sbs roos 6

Step 2:
Make sure all luffas are pierced around the same place with the iron wire.

kalanchoe sbs roos 5

Step 3:
Gently push the luffas together so there is no space between them anymore, but not to tightly together so the luffas do not lose its airy nature.

kalanchoe sbs roos 3

Step 4:
Bend the chain of luffas around the tranparent pot. Turn the ends together to tightly connect the chain with each other. Cut off the excess iron wire with a pair of pliers.

kalanchoe sbs roos 2

Step 5:
Place the Kalanchoë 'Magic Bells' into the bright green luffa pot.

kalanchoe sbs roos 1

Done! You now have a fresh green Kalanchoë arrangement in which the Kalanchoë 'Magic Bells' is playfully presented!